Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Do You Care So Much?

My brother asked the other day when we were once again talking about the prospects of an East-West Highway in Maine, why do care so much about this damn thing? I couldn't really say with much conviction at that time. I just knew I cared about the fact that I do not like the idea of it and all the side effects that come with it.

After much thought I came up with this conclusion.  If this highway is built we are just allowing corporations more power.  This is a project that will be privately financed and built. They plan on coming through the most impoverished parts of the states knowing that people on hard times are going to be easier to convince to sell their land. Mr. Vigue is also not telling anyone about the exact route of the proposed highway, because he is worried about land owners being bullied and intimidated by opponents.

The law of eminent domain has been bandied about for the past few months as a way of obtaining the land for this proposed corridor.  Mr. Vigue claims that eminent domain will not be exercised, but you can bet your last dollar that if a group of small landowners band together to decide not to sell, that the state will step in and claim the land for "economic development".  There has been a precedence already set for this. 

This really once again boils down to a case of class warfare. We have the 1% who want this road to help line their pockets. Whilst the little man will be left in the dust to deal with whatever is left.
My question is, do we want to fight this, or roll over and let our corporate masters decide for us? Let them paint the future landscape for the great state of Maine? This is why I care so damn much about fighting this highway.

Do you want this?

To look like this?

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