Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Musical Chairs With Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe (R)

A GOP we can actually tolerate from the great State of Maine has decided she is not going to run for re-election of her senate seat in November. This is a lady who has voted her conscience the last thirty-three years in Washington DC representing Maine in the House and Senate. Our entire lives, we've heard about the senator with the crazy name.

Now, we aren't going to say we've agreed with all of her decisions, but Olympia is a different breed of politician. A "New England Republican" if you will. She has gone against her party on issues and hasn't towed the line like a Koch Brother Zealot.

Is Olympia another "Republican In Name Only" or RINO as the zealots call them? Ask your favorite Maine GOP and they will say yes. If you asked them fifteen years ago you would have heard a different tune. The political landscape has changed so dramatically that there is no longer room for Olympia in Washington. She has actually sited this as her reason for not seeking re-election.

“Unfortunately, I do not realistically expect the partisanship of recent years in the Senate to change over the short term,” Snowe said in a statement. “So at this stage of my tenure in public service, I have concluded that I am not prepared to commit myself to an additional six years in the Senate, which is what a fourth term would entail.”- Olympia Snowe

Google 'em, there are blogs screaming for her head on a spike because she is the most liberal GOP senator to date. It is truly unfortunate that it has come to this. The division of political parties is only firing up, it is much like Mabel & Salty with a Red Sox/Yankee series.

We bid you adieu Olympia Snowe, we were proud to have you during the good and the bad because you had cojones and stood your ground on the issues. We didn't always agree with you but we knew you had a moral compass. You are the last of a rare breed and you will be missed in the great State of Maine.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Time Is NOW, This Cannot Wait.

Fantastic & Brilliant & Fantastically Brilliant :

I want to know what it's like :
to be normal
to be accepted
to be human
to be equal
to be free
to be open
to be heard
to be loved
to be happy
to be me
to feel like I belong
to feel like I'm strong, that who I am, isn't wrong
to know I'm here, I'll make it through the year, that I won't disappear
to not have to fight
to see an end in sight
to make what is wrong right
to be able to believe in a higher power that doesn't see me as sin or sodomy
to have liberty and justice for all, to break down this dividing wall, to remove homophobia from the law
to have a feeling that isn't sad
to have something I've never had
to have a child call me dad
to not feel like I'm a freak
to not feel that I am weak
to not be silenced when I speak
to live beyond a closet door
to donate the blood from my vein, but because I'm gay i must refrain - WHY DOES MY SEXUALITY PERTAIN?!
to not be expelled from school
to not be made to look like a fool - HOW IS MY HOMOSEXUALITY BREAKING A RULE?!
to undue what's been done to me
to give to sight to those who cannot see that I am no lesser of a human being
to not be considered a disease
to not have a majority I have to please
to freely express my individuality
to live truly in the free - NOT A LAND THAT EXCLUDES ME
to not be the target of bigotry
to not have you question my sanity
to not succumb to your superiority
to overcome all of my fears
to uncry these countless tears that have been shed over the years
to learn about gay leaders of the past in my high school history class - CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT?!
to have pride
to not have to hide
to not have to lie my whole life
to not have my sexuality be denied
to not have to feel this hurt inside
to not think these thoughts in my mind
to not contemplate suicide
to have this pain in me subside
to heal this wound that bleeds inside
to bring back the tears that I've cried
to get back the years that I've tried
to get back the life that has died
to unite this world's divide
to make change with strides
to not stand below, but beside
to have this choice you say is mine
to have love be redefined
to have a government that won't instate unfair laws that promote hate in the fear society will disintegrate
to live in a world without hate, a world that does not discriminate, a world where I can feel safe

Obama Might Need To Look Into Getting A Luther

We'd fully support this decision.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ain't No (insert N word, or don't) Sign The Constitution

If you have a thought and speak it, you've been in that awkward situation where someone is screaming at you that you are playing the "RACE CARD!!!". Most likely from the same jack*ss liking and sharing that "If You Voted For Obama To Prove You Aren't A Racist, Vote To Prove You Aren't A Moron" meme. 

The GOP is at war, on our own soil, and we don't spy weapon of mass destructions up in here. Ok, ok, that wouldn't even stop them. If they had it their way, we'd see a minority or two riding one of those WMDs over the horizon. Maybe followed by a glittery unicorn to really grab your attention.

With that image burned into your retina let's talk about their at times subtle, and very blatant assault on race. What? Didn't we learn in social studies that huge ass statue welcomed all of our ancestors into this huge melting pot that I always visualized as a hot tub? While we are in said hot tub, aren't folks the majority of us elected into office going to work in our best interest no matter what race or creed?

The GOP begins hunting their prey by using "non racial" language to give birth to racially charged ideas or in some cases just come out and verbally prove they are a bigoted monster unfit to lead a drum line never mind the free world.

Granted it can be spotted eons before our time, but let's just look at a few gems.

Does Nixon realize the man who freed the slaves is gawking through the window?
"Tricky Dick", Richard Milhouse Nixon not only had the gaul to declare the Irish can't handle their liquid courage, he came out with this ode to a**hattery, "Henry, let's leave the (insert N word
because we ain't gonna) to Bill and we'll take care of the rest of the world". You can find more treasures if you google "The Nixon Tapes" where he is speaking to Henry Kissinger et al and unbeknownst to him he was being taped. Who says "because blacks were genetically inferior to whites" on the record? Ok, probably Dubya but that is another post, another time. Moving on.

Let's not forget this man also tried to hawk smokes
GOP Jesus, Ronald freakin' Regan calling African American ladies who received government assistance "Welfare Queens" after telling the ditty of one woman committing welfare fraud driving a Cadillac. We can't verify if this story is even true, or if she borrowed her friend's wheels or sh*t if she hit her groove selling Mary K and was rewarded her pink ride. This one almost shoves his "trees cause more pollution then automobiles do" quote into second place, and we get your message GOP Jesus, loud and clear.

Gingrich, took a page from the GOP-let's-talk-about-race protocol when he came up with this one "The African American community should demand paychecks and not  be satisfied with food stamps".  Newt isn't even trying to hide what he is saying, well to be fair giving your lady papers after chemo, the man has cojones. So Gingrich, in respect to the African American community and work ethic, who's job are you vying for at present time?

They scream "race card!!!" when we bring up the fact that a majority of the GOP base loathes the fact that there is a minority in the White House. Ms. Mabel saw it first hand while stumping for Obama in the woods of Maine.

"Ain't no (insert N word, because we aren't gonna) sign the damn Constitution" - free thinking Mainer
"Ain't no Mainer there either Bub" - Ms. Mabel

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Dopamine Discharge

 Our first edition of Saturday Dopamine Discharge, or "This Doesn't Belong On A Roof Rack" but that was a mouthful. 

Enjoy the svelte and agile English Bulldog
Who doesn't love a puppy? Haters, haters don't love puppies
Try it Mitt, try to put me in a cargo crate on your roof rack, see what happens to your favorite chaise
As always, DON'T SHOP.. ADOPT. There are plenty of gems via shelters or rescue groups.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Get Sweaty Palms At The Pumps?

There has been much hullaballo over the price of fuel and where we can throw the blame. That misogynist clown  Representative Alan West(R) of Florida would like to blame President Obama for his $70 tab to fill up his 2008 H3 Hummer. Yeah, a damn H3 Hummer and the man is shocked it cost so much to fill the tank. Wow.

Others would like to blame Iran and the instability they are causing by forging ahead with their nuclear program. Plenty more are throwing the blame on Wall Street with the speculators. Could it be just pure old supply and demand? Well, what the hell  is the reason I almost vomit and break out in sweats at the pumps?

Wednesday, oil futures (what the hell are those) spiked 2% in one day to it's highest levels in 9 months. Yet, demand has not increased enough to warrant this surge in price. It would seem that supply and demand is not the root of this problem. The demand in the US alone is the lowest since September 2001.

So, let's look at that crazy son of a bitch Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, can we stick some blame on him? Last week members of the European Union imposed a ban on Iranian oil effective July 1, as well as froze the country's central bank assets. The US has also said they would black list suppliers using Iranian Oil if they go ahead with their nuke programs.

This EU banishment is no big deal, because Iran can still deal with the Saudi Arabians, and Russia to get their oil. Iran produces about 2.5 million barrels of black gold per a day with 500,000 barrels sold to the United Kingdom and France. The rest goes to China, India, South Korea, and Japan. All but South Korea have stated they will cut imports by 10% because of increased sanctions by the United States.

Iran is the second highest supplier of crude behind Saudi Arabia in the OPEC nations, however they contribute very little to our market. The instability over their nuclear program and the west's reaction to it however, does cause some concerns on the market. All stated, we can take them off the table as our sole cause for ballooning gas prices.

Let's discuss Barack Obama, are these prices his fault? I mean hell it is his fault the economy tanked in 2009 even though he had barely taken office.. AND DON'T YOU TRY TO TELL US ANY DIFFERENTLY.

Time to call a spade a spade, the Keystone XL pipeline being denied access through our nation has nothing to do with fuel prices in the great US of A. Obama's policies are focused on renewable sources of energy. The GOP has turned this into a beaming lightening rod with voters. They say these policies alone are reason for such a rise in price and they won't stop until we "drill baby drill". There is little President Obama or any president for that matter can do to bring down fuel prices in the near term. Domestic oil production has grown since 2009, but that alone is not going to help us become more energy independent. So when the GOP candidates say "drill 'er 'til she's dry" they don't understand that flooding the market isn't going to help make prices cheaper if the demand isn't there. The President's policies are an attempt to lead us towards more energy independence, so we won't have to rely on foreign nations for our fuels.

Wall Street speculators, how about these vultures? This McClatchy article  aims the laser pointer towards them as being one of the key issues in oil prices. Give the article a look and judge for yourself.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've not known what to say about this situation due to the delicate nature of it all, F*CK OFF RIHANNA.

We ladies have the GOP on our asses trying to mandate what we can do with our bodies and we have you, not only running around with your super sexualized circus act setting us back thirty years; but associating with an angry lunatic who PUMMELLED your ass, setting us back another twenty.

Lemme break it down for you baby doll. Whitney and the likes died from their addictions and honey, you might not be far behind them. Sure you aren't smoking crack in a closet or alley way, but you are addicted to the bullshit known as a VIOLENT OFFENDER, which statistically could lead to your demise.

So shake your ass and lip sync your melodies about sexual prowess and live in the fantasy that you have control. Show millions of impressionable girls that they too, can control the situation with a guy who "just made a mistake" by exuding the power of their "sexuality". A mistake is forgetting to feed your dog, not beating someone's ass into an oblivion, followed up by hysterical fits of anger and throwing chairs out of windows.You will never be in control, that's not how it works with nut wads like Chris Brown.

If you are going to continue on this path of self-destruction we are going to have to step away, not that we ever listened to your tracks, but defending you.

You are a big girl now, and like it or not, little ones look up to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coins For Chemo

We were raised in a town with give or take, 4200 people. It is a very close knit community where everyone knows your dirty business and we try to help each other out when the chips are down. We are Mainers, its how we do.

In the past few years we have lost three vital industries with the closing of a shoe, furniture, and wood product factory.What are our fellow bubs doing to make ends meet?

1. Moved to find new employment
2. Rely of government assistance (gasp!)
3. Ask fellow bubs for assistance.. or "pan handling"

I don't mean "pan handling" as in someone homeless with their dog on the street looking for a few bucks for a small french fry, I mean someone who is SICK and has NO HEALTH INSURANCE to pay for their care. I met a woman last week, she was in her late 30s with a sign and donation can.

Today driving home from work, I saw this  young lady once again. It wrenches my gut to see somebody in this predicament. What have we as a society come to that we allow this to happen? A young person with a life ahead of them, begging for coin to pay for chemo.

There has been talk for years about the need for universal health care in the United States. Seeing what I saw last week and today, I believe the time is now.

The cost of health insurance has ballooned while the benefits have stayed the same or decreased. As of 2008 the average single adult paid an average of $648.00/month for private health care coverage. Compare this to $320/month for MaineCare (Medicaid) It cost twice as much to insure someone through private insurance as opposed to government sponsored insurance.

The questions remains, why can we not add a tax of 1.5% on top of the 1.5% paid to medicaid and have all Americans covered with universal health care? This would translate into more money in people's pay check as they would not be paying their percentage of private health care.

How many more people will be begging for chemo? How many more people will be begging to live?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santorum.. We'll Miss Googling You

This man is beyond frustrating
Look Rickard, Mabel LOVES LOVES LOVES her all that is Michael J. Fox and Marty McFly, but the DeLorean is a damn flop bub. There is no time machine (Salts get your ass to Area 51 to verify) and we aren't going back to the good ol' days where folks hid their sexuality and beat themselves into an emotional oblivion. We'll miss googling you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's In A Name?

GOP : Greed. Oppression. Piety
We've heard many a catchy definition for the acronym GOP, many give us a giggle.  Now, the proper acronym for these three letters is : "Grand Old Party" to describe the Republicans. Yeah, like a special club membership where your dues include selling your soul and the tears of small kittens.

G : Greed - It is all about those "Benjamins" baby! Also, see :  Ayn Rand et al

O : Oppression - Keep you working in your low paying, lacking benefits employment all the while making profits as share holders and taking out a life insurance policy once you are afflicted with the bird flu or some other ailment.

P : Piety - Praises GOD for their good fortune and telling you said GOD will never give you more then you can handle (let's call a spade a spade, GOD isn't the reason you are getting sh*t health insurance). Using GOD by preaching his good works in the Bible yet not applying them outside the church. False piety if you will, but piety just the same. As with most things on this page, we have a stunning sense of humor and love good satire.

Now before you share this on your wall and your GOP lovin' cousin takes issue, this name doesn't signify everyone who writes GOP on their voter registration. The vile we are speaking of are those in power, those who hold the cards on Wall Street and pull the puppet strings in government. Your cousin is another post, at a later date.

Intellectual Allies unite!!