Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've not known what to say about this situation due to the delicate nature of it all, F*CK OFF RIHANNA.

We ladies have the GOP on our asses trying to mandate what we can do with our bodies and we have you, not only running around with your super sexualized circus act setting us back thirty years; but associating with an angry lunatic who PUMMELLED your ass, setting us back another twenty.

Lemme break it down for you baby doll. Whitney and the likes died from their addictions and honey, you might not be far behind them. Sure you aren't smoking crack in a closet or alley way, but you are addicted to the bullshit known as a VIOLENT OFFENDER, which statistically could lead to your demise.

So shake your ass and lip sync your melodies about sexual prowess and live in the fantasy that you have control. Show millions of impressionable girls that they too, can control the situation with a guy who "just made a mistake" by exuding the power of their "sexuality". A mistake is forgetting to feed your dog, not beating someone's ass into an oblivion, followed up by hysterical fits of anger and throwing chairs out of windows.You will never be in control, that's not how it works with nut wads like Chris Brown.

If you are going to continue on this path of self-destruction we are going to have to step away, not that we ever listened to your tracks, but defending you.

You are a big girl now, and like it or not, little ones look up to you.

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