Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's In A Name?

GOP : Greed. Oppression. Piety
We've heard many a catchy definition for the acronym GOP, many give us a giggle.  Now, the proper acronym for these three letters is : "Grand Old Party" to describe the Republicans. Yeah, like a special club membership where your dues include selling your soul and the tears of small kittens.

G : Greed - It is all about those "Benjamins" baby! Also, see :  Ayn Rand et al

O : Oppression - Keep you working in your low paying, lacking benefits employment all the while making profits as share holders and taking out a life insurance policy once you are afflicted with the bird flu or some other ailment.

P : Piety - Praises GOD for their good fortune and telling you said GOD will never give you more then you can handle (let's call a spade a spade, GOD isn't the reason you are getting sh*t health insurance). Using GOD by preaching his good works in the Bible yet not applying them outside the church. False piety if you will, but piety just the same. As with most things on this page, we have a stunning sense of humor and love good satire.

Now before you share this on your wall and your GOP lovin' cousin takes issue, this name doesn't signify everyone who writes GOP on their voter registration. The vile we are speaking of are those in power, those who hold the cards on Wall Street and pull the puppet strings in government. Your cousin is another post, at a later date.

Intellectual Allies unite!!

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