Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today, as every Sunday, I had lunch with my girlfriend's family.  As per usual, the chat with her father derailed into politics.  Sometimes the conversation gets heated, today was one of those days. To give a little background her father is a "dye-in-the-wool republican," who owns a small business.

We started talking about the proposed East/West Corridor and the misrepresentation of facts by both opponents and proponents.  The big seller for this highway is "build it and the jobs will come."  I can agree with this to a degree.  Jobs will come. They will be in the form of gas station attendents, and fast food workers.  These are not skilled labor jobs, thus not good paying jobs.  Well let's just say this hit a major nerve.

I was informed that "there should be no minimum wage.  That pay should be based on the market."  So if the market dictates that someone should only make $5/hour, "well that's what they'll get paid."  I was told that the market and supply/demand will even everything out so that pay is relative to area markets, such as real estate, fuel, and grocery.  I don't see how this is even close to possible.

My argument went as follows: So, you mean to tell me that your products will cost less if the demand is down? His reply . . . yes.  I ask if you receive your product from a warehouse that supplies your store and one in Boston, where demand is obviously greater, is the warehouse going to give you lower prices on your goods because your demand is lower? "Obviously," he says, "no they can't do that." If cost for someone in northern Maine is the same as someone in Metro Boston, how will the market even this out?

I attempted to break this down for him without taken a tuna sandwich to the face: A person living in Boston will need to make more money, because the cost of living is more expensive than Maine.  So the cost of goods to business is the same, how can one lower prices as to compete in it's market and still make money?  I'm not a business person, but it seems to me that if you can't sell goods because cost is higher than market demand, then you're not going to be in business very long.

When you don't pay someone a living wage, they will not be able to do business at your store.  Their money will be tied up in living expenses.  This is the problem we have right now.  A good number of Americans are not paid a living wage.  Without a living wage our economy will continue to suffer, because no one has money to buy more then essentials.  The question remains though what is a living wage?

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Elitist of Our Nation Have a Real Problem

After reading the bilge that Ted Nugent wrote in the Washington Times today, I felt anger first, confusion second which turned back into anger.  What the hell is wrong with our nation?  It seems that since we have elected an African-American as our president, the Republican party has lost it's damn mind.  Yes I am playing the race card here, because frankly it is real.

I look sane Next to Ted Nugent.
What I can't understand is why so many people are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.  This is not a socialist program.  It is a program that designed to protect us and our youth from the insurance industry.  Right now if someone has cancer their insurance can drop their coverage and cause the patient to pick up the tab for all of their care. If they survive, they will be saddled with debt in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the insurance company who has been receiving money from this person for their coverage walks away.  This is a bill designed to help families with children who are born with illness or develop illness over time. This child's family will not be told that their child will not be covered because they suffer from a pre-exisiting condition.

Does this shirt and head dress make me look racist?
Our nation has become so blinded by hatred for each other that we cannot see how this bill is designed to help people.  Sure it may make our taxes go up a percentage.  Is that a bad thing to help the ones in need?  We have lost our way as a nation and It makes me sick.  I hope that one of these people that are railing against the ACA, that they have a child refused insurance or that they themselves are denied.  Until then they will not understand how important this bill really is.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

living wages

In the course of discussion people say things that don't really make sense. This happened today in a discussion I was having about wages with a business owner.  His comment to me was minimum wage is not a living wage and it is not meant to be.  What does this mean?

He was correct with one part of his statement, minimum wage is far from a livable wage.  It is impossible for two people to work a 40 hour week at $7.25/hr and be able to even consider raising a family. Between the two they would bring home less than $600 a week, and that is before figuring in taxes.  Check out this graphic below and decide for yourself.

The part that confused me though was the comment that it's not supposed to be a living wage.  I guess what he meant was someone is supposed to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  To which I got no reply.

The conversation then turned to vocations and trades and training people to work jobs that pay more than minimum wage.  This sounds good in theory, but business owners aren't as willing to train people for jobs as they had been in the past.  One comment I've heard from an owner of a logging operation is, "why should I invest time training an employee so they can leave and take the skills to another job?"  If you treat that employee with respect and dignity they will be more likely to stay with an employer.

Hell what do I know though I'm just a poor working slob who works three jobs 7 days a week to make my ends meet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Do You Care So Much?

My brother asked the other day when we were once again talking about the prospects of an East-West Highway in Maine, why do care so much about this damn thing? I couldn't really say with much conviction at that time. I just knew I cared about the fact that I do not like the idea of it and all the side effects that come with it.

After much thought I came up with this conclusion.  If this highway is built we are just allowing corporations more power.  This is a project that will be privately financed and built. They plan on coming through the most impoverished parts of the states knowing that people on hard times are going to be easier to convince to sell their land. Mr. Vigue is also not telling anyone about the exact route of the proposed highway, because he is worried about land owners being bullied and intimidated by opponents.

The law of eminent domain has been bandied about for the past few months as a way of obtaining the land for this proposed corridor.  Mr. Vigue claims that eminent domain will not be exercised, but you can bet your last dollar that if a group of small landowners band together to decide not to sell, that the state will step in and claim the land for "economic development".  There has been a precedence already set for this. 

This really once again boils down to a case of class warfare. We have the 1% who want this road to help line their pockets. Whilst the little man will be left in the dust to deal with whatever is left.
My question is, do we want to fight this, or roll over and let our corporate masters decide for us? Let them paint the future landscape for the great state of Maine? This is why I care so damn much about fighting this highway.

Do you want this?

To look like this?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Highway To Nowhere

The Republicans in Maine like to call this the welfare state.  They make ridiculous claims that other states pay for bus tickets to send their welfare recipients here to help lessen their load, because Maine has no waiting period for benefits.  Well today the "welfare state" went corporate.  Governor LePage signed the East West Highway Bill today authorizing the feasibility study for a privately built and owned highway connecting the towns of Calais on the eastern border, and Colburn Gore on the western border.  The cost of this study is at $300k, but this is a chance that this could become more costly. 

When and if this highway is built the cost of the study will be repaid by the private entity that is going to build the highway.  So you ask, why would the state be interested in funding the study initially?  The answer is quite simple, eminent domain.  With the state funding this study it opens the door for the land to be obtained through eminent domain. They will be able to come in to towns along the route and snatch land for pennies on the dollar.

We have said this in a previous blog about this topic, but the real beneficiary of this project will be the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick..  The governor said he has been in communication with premiers of both New Brunswick and Quebec, which straddle the state, “and they’re very excited about this opportunity. It is good for commerce” between the United States and Canada, the governor said. In reality it's good for Commerce between Canadian provinces. They will be able to move their natural gas through Maine, instead of up around the top of the state and into the ports of New Brunswick.

So will taxpayers get caught paying for any of this? You better believe it.  With the increased traffic at the Corburn Gore crossing, that border station will need to be rebuilt costing tax payers.  The Road will have to be patrolled as well, most likely by State Troopers. Oh and then there is EMT/Rescue from towns along the highway that will need to respond to accidents.  What is the environmental impact of building a 220 mile highway?  That remains to be seen, but we hope we won't have to see it.  This highway will be crossing many of the major watersheds of the state, The Penobscot River, the Kennebec River and the Piscatiquis River are all in the direct line of this road.  These waters will become subject to increased salt, as the roads are treated in the winter.  Don't forget the garbage that will be flying around as well.  Lastly it will also be crossing a section of the Appalachian Trail.  We understand that many roads and highways cross the trail, but how many have pipelines and electrical conduits along with them?

In the end Maine is going to lose and lose big with this highway.  The communities along the route are going to suffer when families are kicked off the land they own, some of which has been family owned for generations. As more info comes out about this project, we will see more opposition to it. - Mr. Salty

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And In This Corner.. The Democrats

A  few weeks ago we started to blog about the race for Olympia Snowe's senate seat in Maine.  We highlighted the republican candidates, so it's time to see who the democrats are in this race. 

This race began with some big names taking about papers to run for this seat.  We had Congresswoman Chellie Pingree from North Haven. Pingree represents the 1st district which encompasses the southern half of the state.  Then Mike Michaud congressman from East Millinocket. Michaud represents the 2nd district which covers the northern, less populated half of the state.  Former congressman and governor John Baldacci also took papers.  Michaud and Pingree both decided that they were better served continue their campaign for their current positions.  Governor Baldacci also decided at that he would not pursue this nomination any further.  Many here say that the entry of former governor and Independent candidate Angus King caused these candidates to drop out.  With these big names out of the race, we still have Matt Dunlap, Cynthia Dill, and John Hinck.

Matt Dunlap is a former Secretary of State from 2005 until 2011 in the Baldacci administration.  He now currently serves as the Executive Director for the Sportsman Alliance of Maine (SAM). Dunlap served in the Maine house of Representatives from 1996 to 2004.  He was a strong advocate for wildlife and environmental issues.  In 1999, he proposed restructuring the Atlantic Salmon Authority. He also supported legislation that increased moose hunting permits. He also sponsored a bill that would allow the Department of Inland Fisheries to contract with a consulting firm for the fisheries evaluation.  Elected by the Legislature to serve as Maine’s 47th Secretary of State, he oversaw the modernization of the department’s electronic delivery of services to the public. In 2010, under his direction, Maine’s implementation of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act was the swiftest and most effective in the country, enabling military personnel and others abroad rapid and secure access to Maine’s voting process.

Cynthia Dill is a noted civil rights lawyer who resides in Cape Elizabeth.  Dill was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 2006, where she served as a member of the Judiciary and Ethics Committees. Among other things, Dill sponsored the legislation that created the Broadband Strategy Council and was appointed Chair. As a leading proponent of the expansion of broadband, Dill was instrumental in obtaining over $35 million of investment for the Three Ring Binder Project, a nationally recognized private/public partnership that will bring high-speed Internet access to rural parts of Maine and widely expand the potential for good jobs, enhanced educational opportunities, health care and public safety.  Dill was elected to the Maine Senate in May of 2011 in a special election for district 7.  Dill founded the Friends of the Maine Woods, a statewide organization that advocates for the study and creation of a Maine Woods National Park. Now this is an Organization that many democrats and republicans in the northern tier of the state do not care for.  They feel that it is not a true representation of how most Mainers feel about the the North woods, but it's the feel of the "urbanites" and "flat landers", also known as residents of southern New England.

John Hinck has spent his life as an advocate, teacher, and champion for working people. He co-founded Greenpeace USA, fought for commercial fishermen after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and helped secure a ban on MTBE in order to preserve Maine’s clean water. In the Legislature, he is a driving force for energy independence promoting clean, homegrown power and promoting efficiency to lower energy costs for Maine homes and businesses.  Jon worked for a decade with the environmental group Greenpeace, including as campaign director for Greenpeace International in charge of the organization's worldwide program.  He was instrumental in building Greenpeace USA into one of the largest environmental groups in the U.S. and spearheaded major efforts in marine ecology, energy and toxic issues. He has chaired the legislature's Energy & Utilities Committee and is active with the national Council of State Government's Energy & Environment Committee.

The Primary for the Democratic Nominee will be June 2nd.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Woof Saturday

Woof to you Intellectual Allies. What a week, still reeling from a teenager being stalked/gunned down by a Neighborhood Watch terrorist, we had to stomach the Supreme Court taking a gander at the Affordable Care Act. Mostly the same group of f*cknards that gave the election to Dubya back in 2000.. oh damn.. here goes the heart palpitations, time for Woof Saturday before I head into the light, this week we take a look at the Cairn Terrier.. woof woof Toto!!
Hellooooo ladies
goooooodness we want one
Like you didn't envision this.

BOOOOM!! Take that Caturday!!
As always at the Greed.Oppression.Piety you've fallen in love and it is time to look into your options. We recommend looking for one of these babes via a RESCUE group.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stand Your Ground

"Stand Your Ground" or a get out of jail free card?  The Trayvon Martin tragedy has raised many questions in the state of Flordia.  Was this a true case of stand your ground, the law enacted in 2005 in Florida that became a model for twenty-five other states?  Was this racially motivated?  Is there a history of trouble with either Martin or Zimmerman?

There has been leaks out of the Sanford Police Department in the past few days trying to tarnish the reputation of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin.  The news is saying that he had been suspended from school for a carrying a baggy that was found to have marijuana residue.  Stories that he had swung on a bus driver, and a claim of vandalism.  So why  are the police trying so vigorously to smear this young man's reputation to protect George Zimmerman?  It seems to us that it is to cover up their ineptitude in not arresting Mr. Zimmerman and detaining him until they could understand what transpired.

Zimmerman is claiming that Martin punched him in the face then slammed his head on the concrete.  Was this self defense by Martin?  The 911 call by Zimmerman paint him as the pursuer. He confronted Martin and instigated the confrontation. Martin was running from this man to avoid confrontation and bring his cousin the promised "taste the rainbow" of a bag of Skittles. Even if Martin had struck Zimmerman it seems that it was in self defense, which does not give Zimmerman a right to pull his gun on an unarmed teenager.

Florida State Representative Dennis Baxley was the primary sponsor of Stand Your Ground had this to say in an interview on NPR, "Well, simply because if you carefully read the statute, which most of the critics have not, and read the legislative analysis, there's nothing in this statute that authorizes you to pursue or confront other people. If anything, this law would have protected the victim in this case; it could have."  With this being the case why has Zimmerman not been arrested?

Does a hooded sweatshirt or "hoodie" as the kids like to call them, make someone look suspicious?  Or is it just an African American male in a hoodie that looks suspect?  This seems like a minor detail in the whole situation, but it has become the symbol that is being used to show support for Trayvon's parents and family. 

People have come forward in defense of George Zimmerman to say that he is not racist and that this was not racially motivated, but one has to wonder if it was after hearing the words out of Zimmerman's mouth on the 911 tapes.  Zimmerman sounds confused in this call, he states at once that he's wearing a dark sweatshirt, maybe gray, wearing sweatpants, maybe jeans.  Sweats and jeans are completely different, if you can't identify the difference you may have a problem.  He's trying to give directions for the dispatcher, and he is having trouble doing that.  The question now would be is Zimmerman drunk or of low intellect, and if so why the hell does he have a fire arm?

Everywhere you look there seems to be a glaring problem with how the Sanford Police have handle this whole situation.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stay The FRACK Out Of Our State

There has been talk for decades now that Maine is in need of an east/west highway.  As it stands now the only highways in Maine run north & south, with Interstate 95 being the major route.  The east/west corridor would connect the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec with a single highway.  In our opinion the real benefit of this highway is for our neighbors to the north, the Canadians, but not as much for Mainers.

The current talk is that the highway will be privately funded, and paid for with tolls. If you are from the woods you know that you don't pay tolls past Augusta, where the "real" Maine begins.  Peter Vigue the CEO of Cainbro has been the appointed the go-to man for this highway.  The state has approved a $300k  economic feasibility study, which as of right now the tax payers are paying for, but if the highway is built will be repaid by the contractor who builds the highway.  The question here is how the state has the $300k to initially do this study, yet the governor would like to cut all funding to MPBN, and has talked about schools not having enough money to finish the year and LePage gutting funds if you cross him.

Let's talk about environmental and property issues.  Is this land that is going to be used going to fall under the eminent domain?   A private venture should not be able to fall under this provision.  We envision the governor doing everything in his power to help this highway get constructed which would include using the power of eminent domain to snatch the land from it's owner's for pennies.  Environmentally what is going to be the bulk of traffic on this highway?  It's going to be 18 wheelers hauling LNG fuel from the fracking fields of New Brunswick and Quebec. Stay the FRACK out of our state.

The potential of this highway to damage the Maine economy is real.  Sure it will provide jobs, but those jobs are not permanent.  The lumber mills in Quebec will no longer rely on Maine lumber as it will be able to get lumber from New Brunswick much easier than it is able to now. Border crossings will need to be upgraded to handle the influx of trailer trucks using these crossings. 

If Maine is the way life should be, why are they trying to gut up our lands and give access to LNG fuel truck full o' FRACK?! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Woof Saturday

With the tragedy of Trayvon Martin filling us with fury over the sad state of affairs down there in Florida and the rest of the country for that matter. It is time to have a lil' smile. What better way to put a smile on your faces then the smoooosh faced Pug?
This is a dapper pug because snorting to high heavens = class

The police officer sees ALL sides of the law.. seriously, can she see on both sides of her head? 
Groucho Marx?
Hot Sh*t
You know you were thinking it
The Maine Pug
Who doesn't LOVE a Pug? Check out these great RESCUE resources!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Maine GOP Hot Mess

Olympia isn't gone a hot minute and the GOP is vying for her seat like maple syrup at a pancake breakfast. Time to tap those trees folks, let's take a look at the players. Bruce Poliquin ; Rick Bennett ; Bill Schneider ; Charlie Summers ; Deborah Plowman ; Scott D'Ambroise 
Lto R : Bruce Peliquin; Rick Bennett; Bill Schneider; Charlie Summers

We'll start with Bruce "tree Growth" Poliquin.  Mr. Poliquin has run for office in Maine before, most recently he vied for the republican nomination for governor.  As we all know he did not get that nomination as it went to Supreme GOP Ruler LePage.  However, LePage appointed Poliquin to be the Treasurer of the State.  

Treasurer? This is ironic that he is being charged to manage billions of dollar$, while he is avoiding paying full taxes on a ten acre piece of property he owns in Georgetown.  By claiming his land was in "tree growth" he was paying $30 a year in property taxes, on a parcel of land that the average bub would be paying $30,000 a year on.  He has since removed his property from being in tree growth, to "open space".  This raised some serious ethical violations from the House and Senate Democrats.  When claiming tree growth on property you must show a plan to harvest some trees. It is reported that no such plan existed for Mr. Poliquin's property, which sounds pretty shady to us, not tree shady, but creep shady.

Also on a side note this is man that enjoys hearing himself speak.  After witnessing him in person at a town hall meeting, no other state officials could get a word in edgewise with him speaking.  Even when a question did not involve him, he found a way to inject himself into the answer. Fine, he is worse than Biden.

Next up, Charlie Summers who is the current Secretary of State in the LePage administration.  He served as State Director to United States Senator Olympia J. Snowe (1995 to 2004). He has served in the military in the Navy Reserves.  He has been deployed in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  

During this past election period Summers was in the center of the "voter fraud" allegations  by GOP chairman Charlie Webster.  The claim was that college students living in other states had voted in the Maine election in violation of the law, thus committing fraud. After the investigation was conducted, Secretary Summers found zero fraud.  He sent a letter to each student involved to inform them the investigation was complete, but did not inform them of their vindication.  He instead informed them they were in violation of not have Maine ID's and vehicle registration.  Instead of including forms that could allow these students to register their vehicle in Maine, he sent them unenrollment forms for voting.  This to us says it is easier for them to unregister to vote, then to register their vehicle.  This was a ploy of voter suppression that was soundly rejected by the state in last Novembers election.

In the bullpen we have William Schneider, who is the current Attorney General for Maine.  He has managed to stay above the fray of the LePage administration.  He refused to sign a letter by state Attorney Generals claiming that the birth control mandate was unconstitutional.  He did however sign on with the AG's that claimed "Obamacare" was unconstitutional, so 1:1 odds there.

Scott D'Amboise is running as a Republican, however he is a Tea Party Patriot.  The quotes on his campaign page say all we need to see, have a gander at the lead to his about me section: "Family Man, Patriot, and Small Business Owner". Oh another gem smack in the middle of his homepage: "Freedom is the most important of human possessions, and I think we may be in danger of losing ours.  If elected I shall do everything in my power to restore and protect freedom, for the people of Maine and for our great nation." This does not sound like a man who is going to be moderate and willing to work on both sides of the aisle in Washington.  This sounds like typical rhetoric from the far right Tea Part Zealot.  D'Amboise has been the candidate that has been in this race the longest, willing to force a primary against Senator Snowe had she stayed in the 2012 race. Before Olympia announced her retirement D'Amboise was the last Republican challenger.

For the X chromosome Debra Plowman is currently serving her fourth term in the Maine senate.  She is a business woman from Hamden, who along with her family run PDQ doors, a garage door company.  Here is a list of some of the legislation she has sponsored or co-sponsored . There is some great stuff in there where she sponsored a bill to collect child support.  This bill became a national model. 

Lastly, Senator Richard A. Bennett (R-Norway) alternated with Senator Michael Michaud as President during the 120th Maine Senate, under the State Senate's unique power sharing arrangement resulting from a first-ever partisan tie. Currently, Bennett serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Library, LLC, a Maine-based independent research firm which focuses on corporate governance and director/executive compensation. He is an honors graduate of Harvard University(1986).

That is a break down of the current crop of republicans vying for Senator Snowe's seat. Currently Charlie Summer's has an 8 point lead on his closest challenger, Scott D'Amboise. The Primary will be held on June 12th. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maine : The Way Life Should Be (minus LePage)

Late February came the announcement that senator Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) was retiring from political service after serving the people of Maine for 16 years in the House of Representatives, (1979-1995) and then the United States Senates for 17 years (1995-2012).  This spans Mabel & Salty's ENTIRE life time, like saying goodbye to Mr. Rogers, this is going to be weird. Her departure caused  a firestorm of uncertainty for the political landscape of the state and nation.
Olympia, thanks for making us think the GOP was cool while writing book reports in grade school

Once the dust settled a little bit the number of candidates taking out papers for the senate bit began to stack up.  It started with Congressman Mike Michaud (D- Millinocket), then it went on to Congresswomen Chellie Pingree (D-North Haven), former Governor John Baldacci (D-Bangor) threw his name in the ring, as did former Governor Angus King (I-Brunswick).  These were the heavy hitters as far as Maine politics are concerned. After a week Congressman Michaud decided that he was better served to continue his bid for re-election to the House of Representatives.  Last week Angus King confirmed the rumors that he was going to make a run and announced his intentions while giving a speech at Bowdoin College.  At the end of last week Chellie Pingree also made her decision to continue her bid for re-election into the House of Representatives.  Yesterday former Governor Baldacci also decided he was not going to run.

It appears that with Former Governor King's decision to run has scared off these well known politicians and with reason.  Governor King has been one of the more popular governors in the state of Maine. He won his second term as governor with over 60% of the vote (unlike our current governor which 61% of the state did not vote for).  He has not however scared off everyone, March 15th was the deadline for all papers to be turned into be reviewed for the 2000 necessary signatures.

In the line up for the GOP : Rick Bennett (former Maine Senate President), Scott D'Amboise (businessman), State Senator Debra Plowman, Treasurer Bruce Poliquin, Attorney General William Schneider and Secretary of State Charlie Summers.

On the Democratic side, State Senator Cynthia Dill, Matt Dunlap (former Secretary of State) and State Representative Jon Hinck are in the running.

In the coming weeks we will highlight each candidate on both sides of the aisle and and former Governor King, to bring to light each candidates accomplishments and back ground politically.

"As Maine Goes So Goes The Nation" no, seriously bubs...

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Religion Was Thomas "Separate That Sh*t" Jefferson?

The GOP campaign to "claim" the 2012 presidential election has some very hot topics, but none seems to be hotter than the issue of religion and the separation of church and state. Red hot, like boiling hot, because they are morons who clearly never read a snitch of Jefferson.  

So we have found a complete list of The US presidents and their respective religions. Major props to the following for not having a specified denomination (clearly devil worshippers by today's standards) : Thomas "separate that sh*t" Jefferson ; Abe "free 'em" Lincoln ; Andrew "I do what I want" Johnson. 

Eisenhower was a River Brethren?

I come of Quaker stock. My ancestors were persecuted for their beliefs. Here they sought and found religious freedom. By blood and conviction I stand for religious tolerance both in act and in spirit." -- New Day, 1928--Herbert Hoover

In my opinion, Church and State should be separate, not only in form, but fact -- religion and politics should not be mingled." -- from a series of campaign speeches, Summer of 1856 - Millard Fillmore

"I believe in the American tradition of separation of church and state which is expressed in the First Amendment to the Constitution. By my office -- and by personal conviction -- I am sworn to uphold that tradition." -- Interview, Baptist Standard, October, 1964  --Lyndon B. Johnson

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Woof Saturday

It has been a crazy week with more and more GOP candidate idiocracy. While someone gets back to us on when Ron Paul will drop the hell out, let's take a break and enjoy the fantastic & husky American Bullmastiff.

Just got back from a GOP debate, looking for something to pee on

Notice the majestic Mastiff as he sits like people, is this Dog Fancy footage?

"Everyday I'm shufflin'"

Try to fit this on your roof rack Romney.
Want to find a gentle giant for your very own? Do they make harnesses that big so you can ride it into the sunset? Is that even legal? Anyways, check out this national RESCUE group.

* Ms. Mabel & Mr. Salty do NOT advise putting a harness on dogs and riding them off into the sunset.

Friday, March 16, 2012

War On Ladies, What You Talkin' Bout GOP?

Them ladies just need to learn what is best for them, we're here to teach them.  The Gov of VA is a jackass
We are constantly told we are delusional to think there is a war on women being propagated by the GOP members of the House and Senate.

Just take a gander at these lovely little gems and you decide what is going on.

Taxpayer Ain't Gonna Pay For None Them 'Bortions Act


As In, All But One GOP Voted For This Bullsh*t Amendment : STILL FAILS

Add This To The List Of Another Southern State Signs Bill To Invade Uterus

If you still haven't made up your mind, though if you are Intellectual Allies you didn't need much convincing since you are stellar smarht bubs. Here's a diamond in the rough :

10 States That You Should Move Out Of Because They Are Out Of Their Frickin' Minds Bubs  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michelle Duggar & Birth Panels

Recently, the great and powerful Bachmann proclaimed the United States was morphing into Communist China (gasp) in the attempts to mandate a "single child" policy. Get Michelle Duggar on the phone, this is some serious business.
"Uh-oh lil' J child, you want quality time with mother use the sign up sheet like everyone else"

Glenn Grothman is a douche canoe
"Batsh*t Bachmann" is going to lengths here even attacking her sacred sisterhood known as "females". It is a sad commentary that GOPerTEA ladies are trashing the rights of the lady kind in America. On the outside this appears to be some kind of self-loathing display of gutlessness. To be a female and a republican is a damn oxymoron, or just plain moronic. We know have a senator in the great state of Wisconsin (can't these folks catch a break) stating "I think people are trained to say that 'this is a surprise to me', because there's still enough of a stigma that they're supposed to say this". This coming from a man who wants to make it illegal to be a single parent. 

Are we as a whole destined for rehab or this this just plain crazy? The fear mongering generated by "Bathsh*t Bachmann" is astounding to say the least, though not number one of her top ten, because we all know about those pesky HPV vaccinations and mental retardation. There is absolutely nothing regarding the birth control argument stating the left wants to limit the number of children a family can have, you want 'em, go have 'em. We see this as allowing women to make a decision to not become a mother if they are not ready, or damn, they don't want to be a parent.

Also, birth control pills are magic when it comes to assisting with ovarian cysts (dear god those feel like birthing a small boat) or endometriosis. Come on Michele it is the 21st century, cut the bullsh*t and actually have a little pride with the fact that you have a vagina (though others could argue you're husband could care less). You are just another cog in a machine that wants to repress you. Sure you don't get ass so why do you need to worry about a lil' ol' pill? It is not just about your Bachmann.

"Hey there lil' boy.. giggity giggity"
Yet, the health care industry keeps chugging out boner medication which gives new meaning to the "creepy old man" definition. How about something that counteracts these medications? If anything is unnatural, it is making a tool function when it was retired a long while ago.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Which Two Talking Heads Might Be Satan Incarnate?

We must admit, at times we troll blogs to see how the other side ticks, full disclosure with the Intellectual Allies. We came across a gem of a page with a ditty called "The Left's Greatest Hits Of $#!^ They've Said About Conservatives". This has spurred my brain to think of how much sh*t has been slung back and forth and who holds the championship trophy for "most offensive".

We all know of Rush dipSh*ts latest comments and we aren't going to rehash that cluster. Here are a few other gems from two talking heads who might be Satan incarnate.

Let's begin with SHE-devil Ann Coulter :
  • "Our blacks are so much better then their blacks", and "we have very impressive blacks". Wow, has she not looked at the White House? 
Coulter & Not One Of Her Blacks
  • "I was going to have a few comments about John Edwards but you have to go into rehab if you use the word fa**ot". Clearly her bigotry extends well beyond race. 
  • "Women like Pamela Harriman and Patricia Duff are basically Anna Nicole Smith from the waist down. Let's just call it for what it is. They're whores." Looks like someone put this tactic into practice well before Rush's run-o-the-mouth.
Just looking into Coulter has given us heart burn and hives. Alas, we shall continue though getting into all the zings would land us in a less then swanky rehab for "exhaustion". With fortitude, we shall look at Glenn Beck.
I wanted cheese sauce on my ribs
  • "This president I think has exposed himself over and over again as a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture....I'm not saying he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist." Can you conjure up the image of Beck using his "doe eyes" tactic with this one? Like you are a couple of buds planning an intervention at an Applebee's. 
  • "I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it". Much like Palin and her cross hair chart which could have possibly prompted some loon to go after Giffords, this unleashed on the Fox News circuit could prove deadly. Dangling a carrot like this is like telling a hyperactive kid where you hid the pixie stix.
  • “You self-centered, self-righteous, socialist, out-of-control, dangerous, man-hating bitch! Shut your mouth. We might have bought into this crap in the 1960s because too many people were doing LSD. We’re not on LSD anymore — we need to start making sense.” This was said in regards to Gloria Steinem, and they say there isn't a War on Women, way to keep it classy Glenn.
The left isn't without fault when it comes to chucking some mud. We highlighted these two figures because we question if they have the mark of cain and are indeed, Satan.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Woof Saturday

Oh, I AM CUTE. Just hanging out, about 1/654th my final size.
Welcome back to Woof Saturday, let us take a break from the crazy that is Mike Seaver and focus our attention on the lovable and daffy Great Dane.

Horse + Moose = Great Dane
Full disclosure -circle of trust. Ms. Mabel had a Great Dane every other weekend when she'd be packed off for the biological father's home. What I can tell you is this breed is a mix of horse and moose, hear me out bubs. If you grow up in Maine you'll recognize a moose on sight looking out your window. If you cross paths with one up closer and personal like it literally seems like a horse and cow had a steamy affair. Yes, we are telling you a Great Dane is once removed from a cow. What you want to see the papers confirming this.. What are you PETA? Moving on...

I look unassuming but when at my full girth will slap you in the face with my whip tail after I decimate your coffee table
 If you haven't been around one of these bad boys in person you are truly missing out. To give you an idea of what you'd be in for check out the photo below.
Like your lazy older brother home from college break, good luck finding the clicker.
Now, before running out and snatching one of these up for yourselves bubble wrap your small children and take the breakables off the coffee table. As with every Woof Saturday, it wouldn't be complete without a listing for a Great Dane RESCUE.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dave & Chuck Koch, A Glimpse

 The Koch Brothers : Dave & Chuck

We couldn't decipher which is which, though they clearly have an astounding dental plan
Damn you Brawny!!
These two men are amongst the richest in the entire world, the pinnacle of the GOP dream. They have diversified their company Koch Industries into a juggernaut which manufactures everyday items from Angel Soft ass tissue, Dixie Cups, Lycra fabrics, Stain Master carpets, and Brawny paper towels. *give us a second, feeling cheated and betrayed by that friendly Brawny lumber jack on the label, siiiiiiiigh.. and we're back*. The main investment which drives their train is oil, black gold, liquid Jesus.

Samuel P. Chase
It is no secret they have utilized their vast fortune to purchase political power like they are running through the automated check out at Target. It is also no longer a secret Dave, Chuck and others have utilized their "Chases" to bend scientific facts in their favor. Now, let's do some math.                    Koch + Science = Oil Is No More Harmful Then Water

It's no secret that the Koch Brothers fund such policy centers as the Cato Institute and Americans For Prosperity but they have also financially backed the Pacific Research Institute (PRI).

The PRI have been paid by the Koch Brothers to manufacture "junk" science smearing California's Global Warming Solutions Act AB32. In 2006 The Terminator signed AB32 into law beginning the 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal. Yessa bubs! Action to combat what is known as "smog country" or that nasty acid rain that keeps falling on your face?!

Thus, Chuck & Dave were going to have to "clean" up their act, or would they? In what has been called the "Big Oil Showdown", Dave & Chuck used the PRI to help back Prop 23 to repeal AB32. This lil' piece of legislation failed (by 61%) but the fear mongering train of the GOP continued, with a little "this bill is a job killer and tax raiser". Nice to see them all stay consistent and stick to basically the same playbook.

There is a group of slacker tree huggin' Hippies that have also released a ditty about the Koch duo and their influence over altering climate change science, you ever hear of Greenpeace? Oh they have a website? So their entire argument that the Left are a bunch of couch surfin' mom moochers just got bunked, nice.

Greenpeace released a scathing report in 2010 detailing how much ca$h money the Koch empire has spent on climate change denial. Check out some of these numbers and try not to shat yourself in front of your friends, or your dog, whoever you surf the net with :

• $365,000 to Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
(FREE) which advocates against taking action on climate change because
warming is “inevitable” and expensive to address.

• $360,000 to Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy (PRIPP) which
supported and funded An Inconvenient Truth…or Convenient Fiction,4 a film
attacking the science of global warming and intended as a rebuttal to former
Vice-President Al Gore’s documentary. PRIPP also threatened to sue the US
Government for listing the polar bear as an endangered species.

• $325,000 to the Tax Foundation, which issued a misleading study on the
costs of proposed climate legislation.

This is only part of the picture, because the full scope of direct contributions to organizations is not disclosed by individual Koch family members, executives, or from the company itself.

The Inconvenient Truth for these bastards is that no matter how they want to paint this picture for the time being, the environment is taking an ass whoopin' to make them a few bucks. We shudder to think of what our world will look like in twenty-five years if we continue down this greedy, dirty, unethical, immoral path.

Dave and Charlie, we leave you with this question : how do you rest your soulless bodies at night, deep down knowing you are putting innocent children at risk, all the while manipulating the "party of Christ" for your own personal gain?

Complete List of Koch Products to Boycott

Following is a list outlining Koch products that should be boycotted.  A detailed blog concerning the justification for this boycott is forthcoming. If you find that this list is incomplete or unclear, feel free to post a comment.

Angel Soft toilet paper
Brawny paper towels
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Mardi Gras napkins and towels
Quilted Northern toilet paper
Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zee napkins
Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes
Stainmaster Carpet
Dense Armor Drywall and Decking
ToughArmor Gypsum board
Georgia pacific Plytanium Plywood
Densglass sheathing
G/P Industrial plasters (some products used by a lot of crafters)-
FibreStrong Rim board
G/P Lam board
Blue Ribbon OSB Rated Sheathing
Blue Ribbon Sub-floor
DryGuard Enhanced OSB
Nautilus Wall Sheathing
Thermostat OSB Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Broadspan Engineered Wood Products
XJ 85 I-Joists
FireDefender Banded Cores
FireDefender FS
FireDefender Mineral Core
Hardboard and Thin MDF including Auto Hardboard,
Perforated Hardboard and Thin MDF
Wood Fiberboard -
Commercial Roof Fiberboard
Hushboard Sound Deadening Board
Regular Fiberboard Sheathing
Structural Fiberboard Sheathing
COMFOREL® fiberfill
COOLMAX® fabric
CORDURA® fabric
DACRON® fiber
SOLARMAX® fabric
SOMERELLE® bedding products
SUPPLEX® fabric
TACTEL® fiber
TACTESSE® carpet fiber
TERATE® polyols
TERATHANE® polyether glycol
PHENREZ® resin
POLARGUARD® fiber and
LYCRA® fiber

Source: ( (

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Will Newt's Ego Let Go?

Well, at least he got some action, (ahem) Ron Paul.

After watching the phenomenon known as "Super Tuesday" we, along with many, ask ourselves : when will Newts ego allow him to call it quits? The time has come for this joke of a campaign to come to end.

Newt took Georgia (super big surprise) which throwing South Carolina in the mix he has TWO states. Anyone with common sense and lacking a GINORMOUS ego would know it was time to throw in the towel and head back to the book tour. 

Indeed Evolution Jesus.. that is indeed awesome.
It seems that good ol' Jesus'-2nd-Coming-Santorum is the uber right wing nut job that the GOP is going to follow to give Mittens a run for his ca$h money. You have Santorum winning three states on Super Tuesday and almost winning four with Ohio. So what this tells us is Santorum is the right kind of crazy to fire up the GOPerTEAs, and the far right that want to see this nation go back into the dark ages where Jesus was indeed riding a T-Rex with Moses flying on a pterodactyl. 

So Newt, as educated citizens we ask have you had your ass handed to you enough to quit? Honestly, it is NOT you, it is THEM, they just aren't that into you. Come on bub, dry those tears, and here's a pint of Ben & Jerry's favorite Liberalishous.

 Oh, and Evolution Jesus, please let Santorum knock Romney out so we can watch him get decimated in his first debate against heavy weight Barack Obama.  In His name, Amen.

Thank You Rush.

Did you do a happy dance when you read this advertisement? We weren't the only ones.
First of all, "Dr. Walton" (we couldn't find this doctor via reverse look up), or whoever you are in Missouri, friggin' cyber high five goes to you bubs!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ca$h Money & Glitter Tuxes

As we've watched these GOP clowns drop out of the race we have to ask ourselves, what happens to all that ca$h money they raised during their campaigns?

These fancy moving pictures weren't cheap y'all
After researching it sounds like there isn't much ca$h money around after the election is over, but what about Perry or Bachmann who never saw the finish line?

Let's call a spade a spade : campaigns = EXPEN$IVE, with travel (those jets don't fly themselves folks), accommodations, chow at a local diner, lip balm for ass kissing, loads of advertising. This all adds up to some pretty big cheddar. However there are times when there is a surplus when the candidate is given the boot back to the homeland. How is this money distributed then?

Donate to charity vs. political party to get a seat at the big table.. hmmm.. what's a candidate to do?
There are many options in this situation.  An unlimited amount of ca$h money can be donated to a charity or a political party. They can donate a limited amount ($2000) directly to other candidates in cases of an abandoned campaign ala' Tim Pawlenty (wow, we forgot this guy even ran). A campaign committee can become a PAC and donate up to $5000 per candidate. There are rules established by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regarding all of this. Are there loopholes? Another post, another time, moving on.
You people do not appreciate the difficulty of being a Romney

One stipulation is the candidate cannot use the money for personal use. Back in the day retiring federal lawmakers could use the money for cars or vacations and other personal use. Thanks to the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 this was nipped in the bud. Sorry Marcus Bachmann that glitter tux will have to wait until Christmas.

Source:  (

Monday, March 5, 2012

Citizenship 101 : What Happened In 1787?

Could you pass The US Citizenship Test? Take a stab at a few of these questions and see what folks are up against.

1. What is the most important right granted to United States citizens?
(The right to vote)

2. Who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence?
(Thomas Jefferson)
'Merica.. F*CK YEAH!!

3. How many amendments are there to the U.S. Constitution?

4. If both the president and the vice president die, who becomes president?
(The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives) Who at one point was a guy named Newt Gingrich, how terrifying is that prospect?

5. Name the original thirteen colonies.
(Virginia. New Hampshire. Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Connecticut. North Carolina. South Carolina. Pennsylvania. New Jersey. New York. Maryland. Delaware. Georgia)

6. What three qualifications does the U.S. Constitution require of candidates for president?
(1. Native born citizen 2. 35 years of age 3. lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years)

7. In what year was the U.S. Constitution written?

8. Name your U.S. representative and your two senators.
(We have no idea where you live.. good luck with this one)

9. Name the four amendments that guarantee or address voting rights.
(15th, 19th, 24th, 26th)

10. What officials and departments make up the executive branch of the federal government?
(President. Cabinet. Departments under the cabinet members)

11. What is the introduction to the U.S. Constitution called?

12. Whose rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
(Everyone who lives in the United States, whether they are citizens or not)

13. Who was president during the Civil War?
(Abe Lincoln)

14.  Name the river running north to south that divides the United States.
(The Mississippi River)

15. What type of democratic government does the U.S. have?
(A republican form of government or representative democracy)

16. What is the basic belief of the Declaration of Independence?
(That all men are created equal)

17. Where is the White House located? (Include the street address)
(1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC)