Saturday, March 10, 2012

Woof Saturday

Oh, I AM CUTE. Just hanging out, about 1/654th my final size.
Welcome back to Woof Saturday, let us take a break from the crazy that is Mike Seaver and focus our attention on the lovable and daffy Great Dane.

Horse + Moose = Great Dane
Full disclosure -circle of trust. Ms. Mabel had a Great Dane every other weekend when she'd be packed off for the biological father's home. What I can tell you is this breed is a mix of horse and moose, hear me out bubs. If you grow up in Maine you'll recognize a moose on sight looking out your window. If you cross paths with one up closer and personal like it literally seems like a horse and cow had a steamy affair. Yes, we are telling you a Great Dane is once removed from a cow. What you want to see the papers confirming this.. What are you PETA? Moving on...

I look unassuming but when at my full girth will slap you in the face with my whip tail after I decimate your coffee table
 If you haven't been around one of these bad boys in person you are truly missing out. To give you an idea of what you'd be in for check out the photo below.
Like your lazy older brother home from college break, good luck finding the clicker.
Now, before running out and snatching one of these up for yourselves bubble wrap your small children and take the breakables off the coffee table. As with every Woof Saturday, it wouldn't be complete without a listing for a Great Dane RESCUE.

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  1. Does Woof Saturday mean every Saturday will be about dogs? Yay!