Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush To The Radio & Throw It At The Wall

It isn't a shocker that Rush Limbaugh has been a lightening rod of controversy for years. This time he may have gone to far when he referred to Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke as " slut" and a "prostitute".  Ms. Fluke is a 30 year old woman studying law at GU and is being demonized by the right for her activism on issues regarding ladybits and women's rights.  They claim we are being played by her because she is really an activist nothing more.. what this means, we really have no idea.

Let's really talk about who is being played here.  The zealots with their ears pitched in the direction of Rush were treated to his claims that birth control mandated to be supplied by health care companies as " another welfare entitlement".  You know, something a "welfare queen" would utilize. So now we have a bunch o' zealots with ears being fed yet another lie by this drug riddled miscreant in a pant suit. 

ohgoodgollywowzers.. where do we get one?
Another part to this nightmare via Limbaugh is now we have people believing that Joe Public is going to paying for contraception for women through taxes (be on the lookout for their misspelled protest signage). This is man who wants to deny women the right to choose if and when to bear children. Remember he has been married four times, by the grace of God.. WHO would marry this warlock? Thankfully he doesn't have any children with these brave and clinically insane ladies, could you image his demon seed running about at the park, throwing children into oncoming traffic? We've strayed from the topic at hand, one could conclude that he himself uses contraception, yes, we too shudder at the mere thought.

There are ways to affect Rush and punish him for his behavior and incendiary remarks. There is a great blog with a list of whom to boycott, check it out PRONTO! Contact his sponsors and tell them, you are done using their products unless they discontinue supporting such vile person, be sure to remind some of them they also sponsor Progressive radio.

Secondly, Ms. Fluke can sue him for defamation of character and force him to show up to court and prove why he referred to her as "slut". This vote this to be a kick ass option. Make this bastard explain why he would refer to an innocent woman in this manner and give her a public apology.  Rush you are a hot mess of a drug addict (no offense to other addicts). You attack women in general with your delusional rants summoning them to hell for wanting to choose what to do with their bodies, now you single one out publicly? You have cojones you disgusting, vile, filthy, scumbag of an asshole. The ladies are taking notice, the ladies stand united and the ladies have bigger cojones then you could even imagine.

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