Saturday, March 17, 2012

Woof Saturday

It has been a crazy week with more and more GOP candidate idiocracy. While someone gets back to us on when Ron Paul will drop the hell out, let's take a break and enjoy the fantastic & husky American Bullmastiff.

Just got back from a GOP debate, looking for something to pee on

Notice the majestic Mastiff as he sits like people, is this Dog Fancy footage?

"Everyday I'm shufflin'"

Try to fit this on your roof rack Romney.
Want to find a gentle giant for your very own? Do they make harnesses that big so you can ride it into the sunset? Is that even legal? Anyways, check out this national RESCUE group.

* Ms. Mabel & Mr. Salty do NOT advise putting a harness on dogs and riding them off into the sunset.

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