Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Closer Look At The Warrior For The Right

Look how they lust after my fancy mustard, elevate the window Jeeves!
"Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" That is a question proposed by all the elitist collegial educated breed in this great nation. The recent comments from Santorum, that "Obama is a snob because he wants everyone to go to college" strikes us funny, as in crazy funny.

There's a role model right there bubs

To preface this you must be aware the Santorum has an undergraduate degree from Penn State, a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and a law degree from Dickerson School of Law. Kudos Rick, it isn't Harvard, but you gave it a good shot.

Is it snootish to wish that all Americans have access to a proper education? We, as astute education types couldn't disagree more. The goal of Santorum keeping that carrot o' education dangling is he, and his cronies, would like to see the masses remain uneducated. Please hear us out, many folks are quite smart bubs that don't have a degree or some paper telling them they have sunshine spewing out of their ass. What we are referring to is something Rick & Co exploit and manipulate, called the "Survival Brain".

What Fox News and the likes of Rush-at-a-drive-thru depend on is this section of the zealot's brain. Think about that person in your life and their terrified behaviors. Does this sound familiar :

"The SB is associated with deficient intellectual functioning causing weak judgment and foresight. An important weakness, associated with SB, is the presence of psychological defence mechanisms. These are “psychological blinders” that limit or distort perception when the situation is experienced as threatening. So people with SB have significant difficulties in assessing a stressful situation in a realistic way." 

Oh I don't know, birthers? Those freaks holding the "Obummer is a Mooslem" signs? The Right Wing machine plants the seed and the survival brain takes over showing unstable, impulsive, aggressive and unsympathetic behaviors. Oh hell, we can see you are riveted and jotting notes about your younger brother so here's more information, consider it our piece in the intervention : 
  • Impulsive, difficulty in controlling impulses and outbursts of anger.
  • Aggressive. Not only in direct behavior, but also in attitudes to violence, like the preference for using arms and wars for solving conflicts.
  • Strong egoism. Puts ones own needs above those of everybody else including even the closest ones. From this follows:
  • Irresponsibility, ruthlessness in pronounced cases of SB.
  • Greediness is a common consequence of the extreme need for security along with egotism.
  • Low moral standards. E.g. does not hesitate to use lies to promote his interests.
  • Weak integrity, changing convictions and opinions opportunistically, even in key issues.
  • Weak empathy – insensitive to the suffering of people. Does not care much about the suffering and problems of poor and sick people.
  • Weak judgment, with inclination to disregard or belittle important problems (this indicates the presence of reality-distorting psychological defence mechanisms).
  • Insecurity – need for predictability. In situations that they cannot master, they experience much increased anxiety and considerably impaired thinking due to suppression of the fore brain. The ability to act intelligently and coherently under the stress of unprepared TV appearances may be a good test. They want to seize power – from micro (family) to macro scale because it makes them feel more secure. Or they seek jobs with a predictable rule framework, like bureaucracy, law etc
  • Intolerance. People that are unfamiliar in appearance or behavior are experienced as unpredictable and unconsciously arouse anxiety, which can calls forth aggressive attitudes against them. Ethnic and religious intolerance are expressions of this weakness.       
Have you sat through any Fox News segment and felt like your anxiety was going to go through the roof and you had to start making your zombie apocalypse kit? "Oh shit guys, come on!" What, you didn't know Obama is really a zombie?

How far will the Right go to fear monger and indoctrinate their followers to say "shit, why should those wealthy folks pay more taxes, we can handle shellin' out a couple extra bucks, put in for that part time gig at Wal-Mart, 'MERICA F*CK YEAH!!"

Santorum and the likes fear an educated voter, because they know they'd have zero chance of election. Keep people afraid and keep them loyal. Educate them and bedlam ensues.

Learn more about survival brain and help the family member you love :

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