Friday, March 16, 2012

War On Ladies, What You Talkin' Bout GOP?

Them ladies just need to learn what is best for them, we're here to teach them.  The Gov of VA is a jackass
We are constantly told we are delusional to think there is a war on women being propagated by the GOP members of the House and Senate.

Just take a gander at these lovely little gems and you decide what is going on.

Taxpayer Ain't Gonna Pay For None Them 'Bortions Act


As In, All But One GOP Voted For This Bullsh*t Amendment : STILL FAILS

Add This To The List Of Another Southern State Signs Bill To Invade Uterus

If you still haven't made up your mind, though if you are Intellectual Allies you didn't need much convincing since you are stellar smarht bubs. Here's a diamond in the rough :

10 States That You Should Move Out Of Because They Are Out Of Their Frickin' Minds Bubs  

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