Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michelle Duggar & Birth Panels

Recently, the great and powerful Bachmann proclaimed the United States was morphing into Communist China (gasp) in the attempts to mandate a "single child" policy. Get Michelle Duggar on the phone, this is some serious business.
"Uh-oh lil' J child, you want quality time with mother use the sign up sheet like everyone else"

Glenn Grothman is a douche canoe
"Batsh*t Bachmann" is going to lengths here even attacking her sacred sisterhood known as "females". It is a sad commentary that GOPerTEA ladies are trashing the rights of the lady kind in America. On the outside this appears to be some kind of self-loathing display of gutlessness. To be a female and a republican is a damn oxymoron, or just plain moronic. We know have a senator in the great state of Wisconsin (can't these folks catch a break) stating "I think people are trained to say that 'this is a surprise to me', because there's still enough of a stigma that they're supposed to say this". This coming from a man who wants to make it illegal to be a single parent. 

Are we as a whole destined for rehab or this this just plain crazy? The fear mongering generated by "Bathsh*t Bachmann" is astounding to say the least, though not number one of her top ten, because we all know about those pesky HPV vaccinations and mental retardation. There is absolutely nothing regarding the birth control argument stating the left wants to limit the number of children a family can have, you want 'em, go have 'em. We see this as allowing women to make a decision to not become a mother if they are not ready, or damn, they don't want to be a parent.

Also, birth control pills are magic when it comes to assisting with ovarian cysts (dear god those feel like birthing a small boat) or endometriosis. Come on Michele it is the 21st century, cut the bullsh*t and actually have a little pride with the fact that you have a vagina (though others could argue you're husband could care less). You are just another cog in a machine that wants to repress you. Sure you don't get ass so why do you need to worry about a lil' ol' pill? It is not just about your Bachmann.

"Hey there lil' boy.. giggity giggity"
Yet, the health care industry keeps chugging out boner medication which gives new meaning to the "creepy old man" definition. How about something that counteracts these medications? If anything is unnatural, it is making a tool function when it was retired a long while ago.

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  1. Columbia University is doing a study to see if there's any connection between autism and the sperm of older men. Now, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants if it should prove to be true?

    As for Momma Duggar, has she not noticed our country is getting crowded and the day will come when only the fittest survive. We seriously need to keep birth control available for people who are conscious of that fact as well as for their personal choices.