Monday, February 27, 2012

Ain't No (insert N word, or don't) Sign The Constitution

If you have a thought and speak it, you've been in that awkward situation where someone is screaming at you that you are playing the "RACE CARD!!!". Most likely from the same jack*ss liking and sharing that "If You Voted For Obama To Prove You Aren't A Racist, Vote To Prove You Aren't A Moron" meme. 

The GOP is at war, on our own soil, and we don't spy weapon of mass destructions up in here. Ok, ok, that wouldn't even stop them. If they had it their way, we'd see a minority or two riding one of those WMDs over the horizon. Maybe followed by a glittery unicorn to really grab your attention.

With that image burned into your retina let's talk about their at times subtle, and very blatant assault on race. What? Didn't we learn in social studies that huge ass statue welcomed all of our ancestors into this huge melting pot that I always visualized as a hot tub? While we are in said hot tub, aren't folks the majority of us elected into office going to work in our best interest no matter what race or creed?

The GOP begins hunting their prey by using "non racial" language to give birth to racially charged ideas or in some cases just come out and verbally prove they are a bigoted monster unfit to lead a drum line never mind the free world.

Granted it can be spotted eons before our time, but let's just look at a few gems.

Does Nixon realize the man who freed the slaves is gawking through the window?
"Tricky Dick", Richard Milhouse Nixon not only had the gaul to declare the Irish can't handle their liquid courage, he came out with this ode to a**hattery, "Henry, let's leave the (insert N word
because we ain't gonna) to Bill and we'll take care of the rest of the world". You can find more treasures if you google "The Nixon Tapes" where he is speaking to Henry Kissinger et al and unbeknownst to him he was being taped. Who says "because blacks were genetically inferior to whites" on the record? Ok, probably Dubya but that is another post, another time. Moving on.

Let's not forget this man also tried to hawk smokes
GOP Jesus, Ronald freakin' Regan calling African American ladies who received government assistance "Welfare Queens" after telling the ditty of one woman committing welfare fraud driving a Cadillac. We can't verify if this story is even true, or if she borrowed her friend's wheels or sh*t if she hit her groove selling Mary K and was rewarded her pink ride. This one almost shoves his "trees cause more pollution then automobiles do" quote into second place, and we get your message GOP Jesus, loud and clear.

Gingrich, took a page from the GOP-let's-talk-about-race protocol when he came up with this one "The African American community should demand paychecks and not  be satisfied with food stamps".  Newt isn't even trying to hide what he is saying, well to be fair giving your lady papers after chemo, the man has cojones. So Gingrich, in respect to the African American community and work ethic, who's job are you vying for at present time?

They scream "race card!!!" when we bring up the fact that a majority of the GOP base loathes the fact that there is a minority in the White House. Ms. Mabel saw it first hand while stumping for Obama in the woods of Maine.

"Ain't no (insert N word, because we aren't gonna) sign the damn Constitution" - free thinking Mainer
"Ain't no Mainer there either Bub" - Ms. Mabel

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