Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Time Is NOW, This Cannot Wait.

Fantastic & Brilliant & Fantastically Brilliant :

I want to know what it's like :
to be normal
to be accepted
to be human
to be equal
to be free
to be open
to be heard
to be loved
to be happy
to be me
to feel like I belong
to feel like I'm strong, that who I am, isn't wrong
to know I'm here, I'll make it through the year, that I won't disappear
to not have to fight
to see an end in sight
to make what is wrong right
to be able to believe in a higher power that doesn't see me as sin or sodomy
to have liberty and justice for all, to break down this dividing wall, to remove homophobia from the law
to have a feeling that isn't sad
to have something I've never had
to have a child call me dad
to not feel like I'm a freak
to not feel that I am weak
to not be silenced when I speak
to live beyond a closet door
to donate the blood from my vein, but because I'm gay i must refrain - WHY DOES MY SEXUALITY PERTAIN?!
to not be expelled from school
to not be made to look like a fool - HOW IS MY HOMOSEXUALITY BREAKING A RULE?!
to undue what's been done to me
to give to sight to those who cannot see that I am no lesser of a human being
to not be considered a disease
to not have a majority I have to please
to freely express my individuality
to live truly in the free - NOT A LAND THAT EXCLUDES ME
to not be the target of bigotry
to not have you question my sanity
to not succumb to your superiority
to overcome all of my fears
to uncry these countless tears that have been shed over the years
to learn about gay leaders of the past in my high school history class - CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT?!
to have pride
to not have to hide
to not have to lie my whole life
to not have my sexuality be denied
to not have to feel this hurt inside
to not think these thoughts in my mind
to not contemplate suicide
to have this pain in me subside
to heal this wound that bleeds inside
to bring back the tears that I've cried
to get back the years that I've tried
to get back the life that has died
to unite this world's divide
to make change with strides
to not stand below, but beside
to have this choice you say is mine
to have love be redefined
to have a government that won't instate unfair laws that promote hate in the fear society will disintegrate
to live in a world without hate, a world that does not discriminate, a world where I can feel safe

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